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Your Dream


AT ROMANCE is dedicated to making your wedding day the moment you have always imagined and beyond. We work side-by-side with experienced wedding planner, gown designers, seamstresses, photographers, videographers, make-up artists and florists to create the unparalleled wedding package that tells the beauty of your love story. 


My wife and I got married in Feb this year, and we planned 6 months ahead and thought we might have sufficient time to work out the wedding plans. But we later realized that this wouldn't be possible if we didn't stop by at At Romance and meet Mei.Because of Covid, we first did our research online and YouTube(where we knew the name), and finally did the in person trial and shopped around the Bay for months. Just to find the wedding gown satisfied my wife's style (after all it's once a lifetime, hopefully lol) and fits in our budget. Conclusion: they offer the best value in our case.Mei was patient and detail. She helped us through selection, alternation, and went over all details. In addition, she also answered all of our questions from gown to wedding planing and beyond. Because of the supply chain shortage, and customer volumes, the production time was way longer than usual. But Mei was able to deliver timely and save us some buffer to fine tuned the gown. Although the appointments were so full, Mei always went over all the details and communicated with us thoroughly, and made us feel inclusively.Bonus: she also introduced us some photographers, decorators, and makeup artist solutions. Saved us almost $5,000 from our original budget!!! And lot of time and effort to find the vendors.Another bonus: Mei also offers traditional Chinese wedding dressing and stuffs (at a good price)!More bonus: after our wedding, the gown was dirty and we always sent it back to At Romance for cleaning. Why? Again good price! LolMust go to shop for wedding dress! You will probably find more you need but pay less than what you think.

- Young Z.

My wife and i were scrambling to find vendors for our wedding this August. My wife gets to take credit for finding AT Romance and therefore, finding the greatest wedding vendor team of all time! 

My wife looked so beautiful the day she waked down the aisle. I have never felt so many goosebumps and blood rushes before. May and her team were all behind her dress, make-up, and flowers. Thank you to May and her team for helping our day to be so beautiful and lovely. It was truly a night to never forget! 

- Enoch Q.
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