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Alteration Service

AT ROMANCE’s in-house alteration service provides convenience for brides who purchase wedding dress here. Alterations by our amazing, expert seamstress, who can make your dream dress absolutely perfect.


We offer reasonable price ranges between $150-$450. Our alteration service includes a professional steam. We work with you through the whole process of wedding dress shopping.


We recommend starting alterations 2-3 months before your wedding date. Schedule an appointment with our bridal consultant to check out more options for your gown alteration. 



  • Single bustle: $25

  • Double bustle: $35-$60

  • Shorten dress length or order a HTH size: $150-$300

  • Chest and waistline: $80-320

*Our alteration service is currently not available for gowns that are  purchased outside of AT Romance studio. 



Our bridal consultant will provide suggestion on the alterations. We measure and pin your dress. To ensure the perfect fit, we suggest to bring your bra, and shoes that you plan to wear with your wedding dress. 



Our bride will try on the gown after everything is altered. If the gown fits well, our bride can take the gown home in the 2nd dress fitting. Gown will be steamed. If the gown needs more changes, we will schedule a final dress fitting.  



3rd fitting is the final fitting and the gown will be ready for picking up. 

Cutting Fabric
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