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  • Personalized experience with one-on-one appointments.

  • At no cost! A one-hour free trial.

  • The opportunity to bring your bridal party to shop for your wedding dress instead of buying one online.

  • Manageable costs at a fraction of the retail prices.

  • Hassle-free! No need to take care of the dress (dry cleaning, and the preservation afterwards), cleaning  is included.

  • Complimentary alteration.

  • No need to make room in your closet for a large garment.

  • Different dress options will be available for engagement photos and on your wedding day.

  • Flexibility in sizes with tailored fittings. 

  • Great variety of styles and selections.

  • The money saved could go towards a romantic and memorable honeymoon.


  • Our inventory is built around the most updated trends and popular demands of our clients, so we do not offer as many selections as compared to traditional wedding venues.

  • The dresses we provide for rental might not be brand new; however, we strive to ensure that they are in impeccable condition before they are delivered to customers. Some wear and tear is normal.

  • Customers are required to care for the garment as per the details in the rental agreement.



  • The wedding dress will be a symbolic keepsake of personal significance that you can keep forever.

  • The dress can be passed on to the next generation as an heirloom.

  • You will receive exact fittings with alterations.

  • As your personal property, you can care for the dress as you please.


  • Wedding dresses are expensive for a few hours of wear.

  • There are extra expenses for dry cleaning, alterations and preservation.

  • A large garment will take up space at home (forever in the closet).

  • The next generation might not consider your heirloom to be in trend anymore (material, style, color, etc).

We know finding the dress of your dreams is a top priority, if not the first, for your wedding! There are many ways to purchase the right dress — retail websites, consignment stores, and of course, traditional bridal shops. We are here to offer you one more option — renting a dress you will absolutely love! So, how do you know if renting is the right decision? Let’s break down the pros and cons of renting versus buying a dress.
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