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We offer different options for appointments


We are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. As we are only able to see a limited amount of appointments right now, we currently accept appointments for brides who are getting married in 2023 to May 2024. If your wedding is scheduled after May 2024, or your wedding date is not confirmed, deep breaths and be patience, we will see you after your wedding date is set.


  • Alteration service is included in wedding gown rental package. Please check availability with our bridal consultant if your wedding day is coming up in 6 weeks. 

  • We are a small space and small business. We politely ask you to keep your guest count to no more than 3 people (1 bride + 2 guests). If you are hoping for more guests at your appointment, we can book you a weekday appointment, or a private appointment for $80. 

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