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Preparation for Your City Hall Ceremony

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful and iconic location with stunning architecture and a grand atmosphere, making it a memorable setting for your special day. It offers a convenient and hassle-free option for couples who prefer a simple and intimate ceremony without the need for extensive planning or coordination.

AT ROMANCE's wedding team is available to assist you in planning your San Francisco City Hall wedding. We have helped numerous couples create unforgettable memories at this iconic location. We understand the significance of capturing those precious moments, whether it's for a short period or a longer celebration.

To begin, you can schedule an appointment through the San Francisco City Hall website using this link: Once you have secured your appointment with City Hall, you can focus on finding the perfect wedding attire, a skilled bridal make-up artist, and a talented photographer who can flawlessly capture your special day.

Here are some things you may need to prepare for your City Hall Ceremony.

1. Marriage License: Make sure to obtain a valid marriage license from the County Clerk's office in San Francisco. You and your partner will both need to be present with appropriate identification.

2. Appointment or Reservation: Make sure you already scheduled an appointment for your city hall ceremony. Appointments can be scheduled on San Francisco City Hall website.

3. Witnesses: City halls usually require at least one witnesses to sign the marriage license.

4. Fee: Be aware of any fees associated with your city hall ceremony. Check the official website or contact the City Clerk's office for information on the cost and acceptable methods of payment.

5. Personal Documents: Bring necessary identification documents such as passports or driver's licenses for both you and your partner. Additionally, you may need to provide proof of divorce or death certificates if either of you have been previously married.

6. Rings and Vows: If you plan to exchange rings or recite personalized vows during your ceremony, make sure to bring the rings and have your vows prepared in advance.

Enjoy your special day at the city hall!

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