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Wedding Planning

A professional wedding planner's job is to assist the couple to execute their dream wedding on the day of; to take on certain responsibilities before and on the day of so the couple can enjoy a stress free wedding and spend the quality time with their guests rather than dealing with questions and decision makings through out the day of; to guide the couple through the entire planning process with clear directions and suggestions based on the couple preferences; the partnership between the wedding planner and the couple is rather important to be able to execute their dream wedding. 

What do we offer for wedding planning?

  • Experienced in weddings 

  • Help to research vendors that fit couple's need and budget 

  • Make suggestions on decisions

  • Accompany to meet with certain vendors to cover questions that need to be asked to vendors (if needed) 

  • Plan out to do list from the day signing contract with planner to the day of wedding 

  • Communicate and to finalize the day of timeline with all vendors 

  • Check in with vendors on their actual arrival time on the day of 

  • The point person on the day of to take care any questions from vendors 

  • To communicate on detail timeline execution with all vendors, example DJ about when to signal on playing certain songs; MC about certain announcements during the event

  • Takes care of the walk through with venue coordinator at the end of the event 

  • Delicate certain tasks to couple's helpers (bridal party) if needed 

  • Takes care of the packing list at the end of event to make sure everything that belongs to the couple is packed and delivered to their designated person or location inside the venue 

  • Helps couple to pass out any final payments to vendors at the end of event (if needed) 

Ground rules between planner and clients: to maintain close communication so everyone can be on the same page; to respect each other's time and work; to build trust along the way.



Executing your dream wedding!


Wedding planning service packages: 

1) basic: minimum wedding research is required from the planner; communicating with vendors of your choice; creating and executing the wedding day of timeline


2) full: provide options on wedding details to the client and make suggestions/help with decision making; participate in meetings with selective vendors; communicate with all vendors; creating and executing the wedding day of timeline 


All inquires come with a One Hour FREE in-person or phone call consultation (based on time and location).

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